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Submitted on
August 15, 2012


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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 15, 2012, 7:11 PM

EDIT#4: Results later today!

EDIT#3: No more extensions. Gave you guys over an extra month. Not my fault you didn't time manage.
Results up on Thursday day. :)

:star: A good handful of people seemed to show interest really quickly!
So yes, I will hold yet another contest. xD
Please feel free to advertise! It will really help! :)


:star:!Aim Of The Game!:star:

-Draw one of my OCs with one of yours!
You must, however, stick to my OCs personalities and traits as best as you can!
The contest will be judged by me and some friends on creativity, and how you captured both characters!

:star:!Some Ground Rules!:star:
- Finished pieces only, no sketches. I will allow flat colouring as a minimum.
- Any kind of art! No collaborations though, no tracing, art theft, yadda yadda. You all know the drill.
- Keep my OCs in character! For example, none of them will fall in love with yours. ( Unless you're Foreveryoung8, obviously. But chu ain't. >3 )
- Need an extension? Just ask! The contest lasts over a month though, I don't want everybody rushing last minute! Take your time guys! c:
- If you enter and DO NOT inform me that you cannot finish your entry then you will have a strike.
( 2 strikes and you get banned from my contests guys, sorry, that's how it works!)
- Have fun, be creative! Don'tmake it seem like labour, be creative and enjoy it! It's not about winning, right!?
( Or is it? I don't know, you all might just want that premium, hah. xD)
- If you like some particular OCs of mine tht aren't on the list then inform me. I don't mind adding some more! I probably will anyway, but I'm lazy. xD
- Spread the news! Let people know there are some great prizes up for grabs!
- When you complete you're entry you MUST submit it onto DeviantArt. No linking me from anywhere else!
- Oh, yeah, post a link to the contest in the descrption, and also inform me that you've completed your entry!
- Two entries max, by the way~! But that doesn't mean you win twice! ;)

:star: Characters that you can draw :star:

o1- Linkardrio (Envy)/ References:
- In his early twenties, Link grew up a bit. He constantly runs between worlds and looks for a place where he can stay a while. He keeps his mouth shut on personal matters, but when he's "in debt" to a person he'll take more than just a bullet for them. He's a cocky, immature alcoholic, and a Drakada Wannabe. He constantly wanders around on his own, is addicted to pot noodles, and refuses to stop designing tech. He's still childlike in some senses, until he gets a drink of course. Tap on his past and he'll bite. Literally.

o2- Drakada Gerastelda /References:
- Drakada is self centres, narcissistic, deceitful and malevolent to an extent. The fact that he works as a male prostitute and eats the souls of the girls he fucks probably says it all. He works in a gang of demons, and reputation is always the most important thing. He almost always has a hangover, and treats everyone like shit. Linkardrio is never allowed in his room, no one is apart from him and the girls he's shagging. Their apartment is a tip and they pretty much live off of KFC and pizza hut because going to the store is always too much effort.

o3- Kada Memoraté (Pride) / References:
- A less cold-hearted Drakada. He'd changed his name to save his reputation and escape the past. As the seventh sin of pride, his sin form is infamously feared. In his human form he blends in pretty well with society. Kada's nocturnal most of the time, and if he's not out hunting for the name son his list of souls then he's probably laying somewhere and sleeping, because he's a bastard. He loves his demon animal, Dema, the dragonfly, and likes to give her opportunities to feed on victims. He treats her like his baby. He won't treat people like shit, but he'll be mellow. Hates anything happy. Ice cream, rainbows- he'll stamp on it aaaallll. And he runs after slackers with chainsaws, mhm. Hypocrite.

o4- Mortala Gerastelda /References:
- He hates people, simple as that. If people follow his rules and listen to his every command then he'll be skipping around with a smile on his face. Get on the wrong side of him and he'll probably tear your insides out and decorate the walls with your organs. Oh. And don't touch his clothes. He'll fucking kill you for that, too. Mortala loves his clothes. He never shortens words down, and he's very regal as it were. He's the overlord of the world, by the way, and he jumps down from ceilings a lot..

o5- Miles Dixon /References:
Miles is a airship/ space cruiser captain. He's in his mid twenties. c: He's very kind, and always pays attention to etiquette and the like. He's not interested in getting intimate with anyone, he's married to his precious ship. <3 Despite that, if you're a part of his crew he can be very strict. He doesn't often give people sympathy because he thinks there's no point.  Travelling is what he adores, and he never parts from his companion, Harem.

o6- Vienna Fowler (Sloth) /References:
She likes to nickname herself "Vie". Despite being sloth, she's actually a very hyperactive and bouncy person. For example, everytime she saw Linkardrio/ Zen- He'd go to hug her but she's grab his wrists and start dancing with him. She's in love with junk food, and admires people's sofas. She's the happiest of all of the seven sins, and she has a crush on Morgrim (Greed). She's not shy at all, and she rarely switches out of her sin form.

o7- Dominic Silvashanx (Envy) /References:
He's really rather shy and innocent. He was born into being a sin rather than being picked for one, so he doesn't really fit the title of sin.. He's shy, gentle, and generous, and always wants to play by the rules. He can't step out of line even a little or he'd panic. He's really rather bashful around Penny, considering he loves her but he's too afraid to tell her. He's hopeless at fighting, and isn't remotely interested in any kind of sexual thing. If you hit on him he'd blush and just become really awkward, probably reverting to be invisible.

o8- Mick and Shaun ( The Hellhound Twins ) /References:
Mick and Shaun are are two demons in Drakada's team of a gang. They're known as the hell hound twins because of their demon forms, and their bite is far worse than their bark. Mick is more materialistic than Shaun, and Shaun is the more hostile of the two. Mick can be way more immature and bouncy at times, but Shaun is really rather mellow all of the time.

( I may, and probably will, end up adding more characters. So keep an eye out! ;) )

:star: !Prizes! :star:

:bulletyellow: 1st place prize :bulletyellow:
- 3 month DeviantArt Premium Membership, or 636 :points:
- Digital waist
- Digital Cheeb
- Llama

:bulletblack: 2nd place prize :bulletblack:
- 40:points:
- Digital Cheeb
- Llama

:bulletorange: 3rd place prize :bulletorange:
- 20:points:
- Digital Cheeb
- Llama

:bulletblue:Runners Up:bulletblue:
-A Place in a poll vote for an extra. ;)

Examples of prizes:
Digital Waist > Invisible Envy by LeSheketaiUnnatural Selection by LeSheketai
Digital Cheeb > Exo-Politics by LeSheketaiLe Bandit Noir by LeSheketai

:star: !Entrants! :star:

:bulletyellow:Finished Entries:bulletyellow:
:iconav16:>Noodle Contest! by AV16
:iconforeveryoung8:>:PervertedSouls: by Foreveryoung8
:iconnightmare-maker:>That's The Deal by Nightmare-maker
:iconchronic-shadow:>.: Evil Insanity :. by Chronic-Shadow

:bulletblue: Unfinished and unable to participate in a future contest :bulletblue:

:star: Thanks for reading bby.
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Xflasher Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Sorry gonna have to drop out, I'm busy for the whole week and won't be able to make it in time D:
LeSheketai Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
- That's alright, thanks for telling me. c:
wanNizam Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
by the way, how many character that you will accept? i means.. i am going to draw about Kada Memorate' but.. when i read the character details.. he has a dragonfly named Dema.. can i see the sample picture of Dema?
LeSheketai Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
- I have a few refs of her here > [link] [link] [link]
I'lladd you to the entrants list. :)
wanNizam Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
i am sorry.. i drew it already but still working on color.. but now, i can't go.. bcause i stay in hospital ward.. sorry to drop my participant
LeSheketai Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
- Awhh I'm sorry to hear. :C
wanNizam Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
wanNizam Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
i want to enter this.. is it ok?
AV16 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
what color is Linkardrio hair?
LeSheketai Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
- There are references in the character list
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